Our solution is a different kind of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It is not complex and rigid like some other ERP suites. Rather, it is designed to rapidly adjust to changes in technology and business, maximising enterprise agility.

And Our Applications is capable of delivering more than just ERP. It has native functionality for enterprise project management, enterprise asset management (EAM) and service management. The application can be configured for a variety of settings including but not limited to discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, multi-mode manufacturing, construction and engineering, and esoteric and demanding settings like multi-mode manufacturing, apparel and textile, engineer, procure construct (EPC) and FMCG retails. It is in these demanding settings that combine elements of manufacturing, project management and asset management that our Applications is without peer as an ERP solution.

Core Features


In today’s competitive world, for any organization, sound financial planning and management is very important to ensure sustained growth and good health of business. For enabling this, you need to have an end-to-end view of your business finances. Ramco Finance & Accounting helps you to achieve all this and a lot more. The solution can help transform your hitherto administrative financial tasks into well-synchronized processes to enable the best possible financial supply chain management.


Our Sales and Distribution gives you the power to streamline and automate the complete sales and distribution function of your business. The solution helps you manage global business with ease, with multi-currency and multi-country features. The sales management solution integrates seamlessly with inventory, marketing, production and finance. So, you can get complete visibility across the order-to-cash processes, identify cross-sell/ up-sell opportunities, sell and deliver services effectively, accelerate cash collections, and develop a customer-centric business strategy.


Whether you are a manufacturer who regularly needs to stock and track inventory, or a trader who needs to keep track of the items that are selling briskly, the Inventory Management module of Our SCM has the tools that you need. The solution provides a set of pre-built components that automates and streamlines all the inventory activities of your organization. Besides providing planners with the real time visibility of inventory across the supply chain, the system also equips you with the necessary planning tools to help you make quick and accurate decisions.


Our solution helps you have a 360-degree view of customers, prospects, competitors and your salesforce. The solution enables you to have invaluable insights into customer preferences, and strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. This empowers you to develop customer-centric business strategies to serve and retain them better. You can boost sales by recording, integrating and analysing information across pre-sales, sales and marketing segments and increase the rate of lead conversion into sales. You can manage and mentor your sales force, effectively, and do a lot more.


Production is a comprehensive, feature-rich product that offers a wide spectrum of capabilities, designed to match your niche requirements in the most simple and efficient manner. In our Production module, the entire product life cycle is looked upon as a unified process, consisting of various elements and events, where several sources of variations are monitored and controlled to ensure that the final product meets the requisite specifications. In a nutshell, Our Production – discrete, process and agile equips you to set up a sophisticated and automated workflow so that you are always ready to address the dynamics of your industry in the most agile, sophisticated and economical manner.


Our HRMS on is a global HR & talent management solution that covers your organisation’s human capital management needs from hire to retire. Businesses are subject to economic cycles. They are expected to deliver on their commitment to their shareholders irrespective of market conditions. In a down swing, businesses are forced to cut costs, work with reduced support staff etc. Topline growth through existing and new avenues remains a challenge at all times. Among the many levers that businesses would want to utilise to achieve their goals, HRMS is a critical component.


Asset-intensive Industries face significant challenges and risks in achieving the planned return on investment on sustained basis. Their business performance crucially hinges on consistent asset performance. Asset Life Cycle Management and Asset Performance Management are critically reviewed in boardrooms to assess if the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution is providing real-time visibility on these aspects. Or does it leave you to deal with surprises? Thus, the board room to control room, and balance sheet to log book connect has never been more important.


With Our Procurement module, you can streamline your procurement function, and transform it into a strategic weapon. You can source the right materials and services—quickly and cost effectively. You can enhance relationships with your suppliers and identify cost saving opportunities. The solution also enables you to support and coordinate with various departments, particularly with the accounting department. In addition, you can automate the ordering process through MRP (Material Requirement Planning) & reorder planning and enable alert mechanism via SMS and Email.

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